November 2019


Automate the delivery of LifeGuard OS updates by using Zebra’s OTA last mile delivery service.

GMS Devices Supported

TC52, TC57, TC72, TC77, TC83 Android O

TC51, TC56, TC75x Android N with LG Update 19 (& above) and O

New in OTA v2.0

 APIs for OTA v2.0

  • Enrollment Controller
  • Asset Controller
  • Device
  • Deployment

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Authorization APIs to use OTA v2.0

Automate customer authorization for connection to Zebra OTA API services.

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Usage Notes

  • Zebra LifeGuard Device Enrollment
    • Prior to enrolling devices into Zebra’s last mile delivery service, ensure that  “Zebra Common Transport Layer” and “Zebra Enrollment Manager” applications are installed via Google Managed Play Store on the device.


Known Issues

  • Zebra Device enrollment fails in rare instances

Symptom: Get Enrolled Asset doesn’t list the issue device

Recovery: Reboot the Device & Retry Device enrollment


  • “Google Play Services” may not function on the device following an Enterprise Reset in rare instances.

Symptom: Zebra Device enrollment & Deployment failure

Recovery: Retry Enterprise Reset


Important Links:

API Documentation

OTA v2.0 Update Delivery

OTA - Authorization API


OTA v2.0 Software Components


Component Name



Zebra Common Transport Layer

 Google Play Store

Zebra Enrollment Manager


 Google Play Store

FOTA Client

 Hosted in Cloud

FTS & Enrollment APIs

OTA v2.0

 Published via Zebra Developer Portal