Printer Setup

Printer Setup for Zebra Data Services (Sandbox Printer-Print API)


  1. Compatible Printers
  2. Setup Directions
    • Networked Printer Setup
    • Bluetooth Printer Setup
  3. Remove the Printer
  4. Support

Compatible Printers

The Zebra Data Services printer capability is compatible with all Zebra Link-OS printers, including:

  • ZT200, ZT400, ZT500, and ZT600 Series Printers,

  • ZD400, ZD500, and ZD600 Series printers,

  • QLn Series, iMZ Series, ZQ5 and ZQ6 Series printers

The printers must meet one of two conditions to connect...

  1. It is connected to a network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet

  2. It is Bluetooth connected to an Android device

For the EAP program, the network that the printer is on must be able to reach the internet over port 443 (HTTPS). In the future, there will be local connection options.

More information about Link-OS printers and their options can be found on the Zebra Website.

Setup Directions

Things you will need:

  1. A Zebra Link-OS printer

  2. A USB cable for the printer (PC configuration)

  3. Zebra Printer Setup Software

  4. (optional) An Android device

Currently printers are connected to a central Cloud server together. As Data Services moves out of the EAP program, customers and partners will be able to claim ownership using a multi-tenant system.

Networked Printer Setup

Set up the printer to communicate with Data Services over a network via HTTPS.

  1. Download the file from here

  2. Edit the downloaded file and set the parameter to today's date following the format day-month-full year.

  3. Install the Printer Setup application and install the drivers(for PC).

  4. Connect the printer to the (PC over USB) or (Android over Bluetooth, Network or USB) and start the app.

  5. Set up the networking configuration as needed using the app Wizard.

  6. Click "Open Printer Tools" -> Action -> Send File.

  7. In the bottom browse menu, select the downloaded "ppme-demo-config.txt" file.

  8. Click Send. The printer will restart.

If you have issues: You may need to add your network Authentication or Proxy Service.
Configuring Weblink Guide

Bluetooth Printer Setup

Set up the printer to communicate with Data Services through a Bluetooth connection to and Android device that has internet access.

  1. Download the two apps Bluetooth Connector and Connection Manager from the Google Play Store or

  2. Use the manual here to set up your connection. You may have to pre-set-up Bluetooth on the printer.

  3. To set up the MDM (Printer Profile Manager) as shown, use the address: for the Weblink connection.

Remove a Printer from the Zebra Data Service

Completely remove the printer from communicating with Zebra

  1. Download the file from here.

  2. Send it to the printer using the above method or via the sendRawData API.

  3. Restart the printer.


If you have questions about these directions, please submit your question on the Forums.