EMDK for the Tablet (ET1)

I've gotten a couple of questions about whether Motorola would be posting an EMDK for the ET1.  Does anynone have information on how we plan to provide native programming access to the ET1 imager and MSR?

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All the features of the ET1 tablet will be accessible via RhoElelemnts for those brilliant developers who use RhoElemnts   (this is a RhoElements forum after all).  Developers can also develop native applications using the standard Android ADK.  Native Android  applications can access bar code data and other future HW via a DataWedge feature, where the scan data appears as keyboard data to the application.  Application developers can also define an Intent (a powerful Android ADK feature that can be though of as a message with optional data)  to be generated when scan data is available (this is a really powerful feature).  More details will be available in the Programmers Guide for the ET1 and as it uses standard Android APIs no special EMDK is required.

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