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    Enable full_update for javascript models

    Mark Ross

      I would like to be able to enable full_update (sync all model attributes) when performing an PUT (update) on my javascript models.  I see that its possible in Ruby via:


      Rhomobile | Using Rhom in Ruby (search for enable: full_update)


      But all of my models (in Rhodes and RhoConnect) are in javascript.  I've tried the following with no success:





      model.set('full_update', true);


      neither of which have any affect.  The app only sends changed attributes on the model.  Is there any way to send all attributes for a PUT (update) operation?


      I've seen this "workarond" mentioned, but its not practical: enable :full_update is not working  I shouldn't have to append dummy characters just to get attributes to sync.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.