OS Lockdown

Does anyone have any solutions for locking down the Android OS for the ET1? I mean beyond Applock as that can only manage application whitelist. I need a solution to stop users from accessing the Settings and everything inside like WLAN profiles, system settings etc. I really need a solutions like Appcenter for WM/CE where we only display the icons people need and lock access to everything else. Ideally, I would like to remove the App Launcher screen altogether and just leave required icons on a customized Home Screen. Even if we can't blacklist apps or processes, at least remove the icons from user access to laucn them.


I am also looking for a solution to run in Kiosk mode in the Browser. I need to remove access to the address bar, browser settings etc. Accounts are using Kiosk Pro on the iPad and it does what they need. I found an app called SureFox for Android on Market but don't know how to get it because we cannot access the market. It is not available for download from their own website.


Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.