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    installing Rho-Android on smart phones

    Afshin Mansoorieh

      most apps can be installed in a variety of Android smart phone or tablets; is it possible to install Rho on Android devices other than ET1?  I tried installing beta-10-11 on an Atrix and it did not work.  just wondering if the final released version of Rho (for ET1) would work or will ?

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          Kevin Lollock

          No - it won't install.... The RhoElements runtime in its current release (v1) is targeted specifically to Motorola MPA2.0 and higher devices (with a couple of exceptions, of course ). Attempts to install on any device not meeting this requirement will fail. Keep in mind that the primary advantages to the implementation of RhoElements on a Motorola device is the ability to have the webapp provide precise control the Motorola "value-adds" (scanner, reader, sigcap, decoders, etc) which are not necessarily part of any other consumer device.


          That being said though, HTML5 webapps developed to support some of the key specific features of RhoElements on the Motorola platforms will indeed render on other devices supporting an HTML5 browser. Some key features probably won't work (like sig-cap, for example) but the web app will still render and will be usable to the degree that the developer permits that app to do so on a non-Motorola device.


          Stay tuned though as RhoElements continues to grow and additional features and platform support is added! Hope that helps!

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            Darryn Campbell

            Also, we are targeting support for additional devices from Version 2, though obviously these will be limitations to this, e.g. the Moto barcode scanning libraries may be unavailable.