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    Library for C




      What is the library to use in order to have the functionalities of the device including barcode scanning?




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          Pietro Francesco Maggi

          You need to use the EMDK for C[1], plus the relevant PSDK for the MC2100.


          In this case you need to know if your device is using Windows CE 6.0 Core[2] or Professional[3]




          [1] EMDK for C latest version is currently v2.7

          [2] PSDK for MC2100 Core

          [3] PSDK for MC2100 Pro

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              Hi Pietro,


              I had downloaded & installed:

              EMDK for C latest version is currently v2.7

              PSDK for MC2100 Pro


              But I am still unsure of which DLL to use. The EMDK_Help indicated:

              DLL: xxxapi32.dll (where xxx = an API) under Standard 'C' APIs


              But I don't find any *api32.dll under the EMDK installed directory. I am not sure where the PSDK has been installed.




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                  Daniel Silva

                  When you install the EMDK, it installs some .h and .lib files in your existing environment.  I think that the DLLs come already installed on the device.  If you installed the PSDK after the EMDK, you may need to run the "Integrator" that comes with the EMDK to install the lib and include files into your PSDK folder structure. For instance, on my system, I was missing the EMDK files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\wce600\Motorola MC2100c60 Windows CE6.0 Core PSDK\Lib\ARMV4I , then I just ran the integrator, and they are now there, so I can build an app where I have included scnapi32.lib in additional dependencies under Configuration Properties/Linker/Input.  Take a look at the sample apps that come with the EMDK for details.  Also, look at the readme file that comes with the install.  It covers some installation requirements such as the one mentioned above. Down towards the botton of that doc, see the stuff under this line:

                  Please read these rules carefully.  Failure to follow them could cause problems: