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    License price

    Fernando Coelho da Silva
      Hello guys, I would like some information. How much is the license RhoElements (barcode, keycapture, ..)?

      The license is per application?

      And how do I obtain this license? I found the documentation a bit curled and not found a easier way to buy.



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          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Fernando,

          This question needs help from Motorola. We will raise this issue with them to get an answer.



          Visnupriya R

          Kutir Mobility

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              Fernando Coelho da Silva

              Hi Visnupriya R,



              I thank you for your help .. I will wait for a response regarding the value of the license.
              I am looking to buy a license feel a little more difficult to find this information for their purchase.


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                  Jon Tara

                  Ah, so nothing has changed!


                  I'll be blunt: it seems to me that Rhodes was, for Motorola, mostly a strategic purchase to support a range of Motorola-built devices. It fills a need within several product lines. It is probably more important to them in terms of offering a modern and relatively easy to use platform for developing on these devices. It's replacing some technology that is ancient. I doubt that licensing revenues are really a primary driver.


                  That said, I'm sure they have an internal policy that business units need to support themselves, and I suspect this one is supported by a combination of licensing revenues and internal susidies. They do have a captive audience who is familiar with a licensing structure and purchase procedures that have likely been in place for many years.


                  If you are not buying hundreds or thousands of police radios, inventory scanners, ruggedized phones, etc. etc. you will have to be VERY persistent.


                  To get you in the right mood, watch this video. You'll need to be as persistent and patient as these guys:


                  Top DHS checkpoint refusals - YouTube

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                      Fernando Coelho da Silva

                      I feel sad to know that information ... really is a think to see such an important component to Rhomobile, because comums be bought by people like me.
                      The Motorola team should decide on this because there is so because these api barcode Keycapture in Rhomobile?

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                          Pietro Francesco Maggi

                          Hi Fernando,

                          I can only say that we're working to improve the current situation, and a lot of people can agree that it will not be difficult! :-)


                          As you're based in South America, I'll try to find who, from the local team can help you on this.



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                              Fernando Coelho da Silva




                              I thank you for the help ... I was a little worried because we have made very promising and boms Rhomobile and our customers every day want to invest more and more on the Motorola platform products.

                              I would not want to leave such a good and promising platform, because they do not want to sell the license to comums people like me. I know everyone here in this forum as I think ... and they want the tools and software from Motorola advance every day more in the outside market.

                              If you can help me I will be very thankful ... my operational base is at:

                              Florianópolis / SC / Brazil

                              I am wanting to use the Barcode API and Keycapture in my Rhomobile applications.

                              I tried contacting Some business partners here in Brazil to try to get the license no longer able to tell me where and how I Farai to buy. If you can help me to find a way I'll be very happy.


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                            Adam Blum

                            We are rolling out self-service subscription based licensing very soon.   No need to contact a rep.  Just subscribe directly on rhomobile.com (to be relaunched soon) on a monthly or yearly basis.  We will be announcing details here shortly.  But I am happy to brief you on it in the meantime.  


                            We are absolutely not focused on Motorola devices per se   We support all mobile devices, especially consumer devices.  We spend far more time on iOS and Android devices.


                            I apologize to anyone who hasn't received a reply from Sales in the meantime.  I will get someone in the region to reach out to you.


                            Please reach out to me with more questions.