Problem with IrDA on MC75A



We tried to use the terminal to MC75A way communication through the port IRDA against a machine ( no windows ) . The purpose is not to transfer files, exchange information and keep a dialogue.


We have the same application in other brands of terminals and functions properly.


The problem is that if we send bytes on COM3 ( IRCOMM ) , the device sends data previously with your device name on it. With this operation, the machine does not respond correctly because there is a layer (we think ) that interacts before sending data .


If we use the COM4 port ( RAW IR) , you get to write the information , but not read from the other device . The same code with another handheld with Windows Mobile 6 works fine. But if I use the same code on the MC75A , just write .

We have developed two versions of the same program I'm using the SerialPort objects in VS.NET and using the port with CreateFile instead of SerialPort . However, the same result : sometimes we fail to read or write when the program is used version of CreateFile . Currently my code works with other devices, the Motorola MC75A reads and writes only 255 characters (ÿ).


Does anyone know if you need to configure any component MC75A to use the infrared port as a clear standard serial port ?


Thanks for your help