MC45 Bluetooth COM Port


Hello, pals!
Before I explain what I need, let me explain my scenario:
I have a impact printer (Epson LX-300) that comes with serial comm from the factory. For wireless use it, we have installed a Bluetooth-Serial converter that works fine (we've already printed via PC's Bluetooth and from MC75/70 as well with and application we developed that lets you change the COM port). We have installed this same application that lets me decide which COM port to use on a MC45 and it worked out fine transmitting data through COM8. All via Bluetooth.
Our customer's application does exactly the same thing but via COM9 and in his application the COM port cannot be changed. Only the COM9 Port can be use to print from inside his application.
When trying to add an Outgoing COM port via COM 9 the system returns an error and asks me to change my configuration (attched imaged). The thing is that none of the handheld devices is using COM9. The GPS is using COM6 and I can't find anything else that uses COM port 9.
Has anyone already been through this and if so, how have you managed to solve the problem?
Thanks you very much for your help!
Rui Rizzi
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