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    DPX can support DOCCAP 2.0?

    Sebastien Laporte

      Hi All,

      I have used with MC67 windows Mobile DOCCAP 2.0 for a customer


      now I would like to know if is it possible to do the same thing with DPX?


      I have attached the document that the customer use

      ( is an A4 document but you have on it 3 label delimited by black square and with a barcode in the center )


      below the parameters that I have used with DOCCAP


      anchored mode  ( barcode is mandatory )






      for people that don't know what is doccap is a simply way to capture a entire document with imager or camera via reading the barcode on the document ( for Anchored mode)

      the document is captured by basing on the position of the barcode


      so minimum with DPX would to capture the document

      maximum is to extract all information of the document


      and If I can have a sample to use it it will be great!!!

        • Re: DPX can support DOCCAP 2.0?

          Hi Sebastien,


          SimulScan (formerly DPX) can achieve the same functionality as DocCap 2.0 using a specific custom template. We have this template; however, the current demo application was not designed to showcase this functionality (since we already have it using DocCap 2.0), so although it works, you will be unable to see the result. If we see enough demand for this feature, we may include it in the showcase app in the future; please let us know if this is something that you would like to see.


          If you would like to extract the information from the form, you will need to create a specific template for the form. This will only work if the information is in the same place for every form (it looks like this is the case for this form, but I'm not completely sure). This can be done using the Template Builder tool (https://dpx-uat.motorolasolutions.com/).

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