Connecting SE3307 to ET-1 tablet



We would like to connect a Motorola SE-3307 decoder to the Motorola ET-1 in USB CDC (serial) mode.   We are having trouble getting this to work with the ET-1.  We can get it to work fine on many other tablets with 3.x Android versions.  Also, we can get it to work on the ET-1 in USB HID mode, but would like it to work bidirectionally so we can change decoder settings and bring the decoder in and out of presentation mode. 


We have upgraded to the latest version of the firmware (REV C) and now can see that the system is USB OTG aware, but would like a sample code snippet to simply talk to the scanner in CDC mode, or would like to know if this is feasible at all


Thanks in advance for any help here.


Jeff Berezin