Missing KEYCODE from ET1 current Android version

Hi all,

I need a confirm, with Android 2.3 is not possible to handle/input keys like F1, F10, F12 even using something like the opensource HackerKeyboard. (this is needed by some emulation app like Wavelink TE).


This derives by the fact that the full desktop like keyboard support was introduced only in Android 3.0. Reading from the Google documentation:

: http://developer.android.com/about/versions/android-3.0.html


Keyboard support

  • Support for Control, Meta, Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock modifiers. For more information, see META_CTRL_ON and related fields.
  • Support for full desktop-style keyboards, including support for keys such as Escape, Home, End, Delete and others. You can determine whether key events are coming from a full keyboard by querying getKeyboardType() and checking for KeyCharacterMap.FULL
  • TextView now supports keyboard-based cut, copy, paste, and select-all, using the key combinations Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and Ctrl+A. It also supports PageUp/PageDown, Home/End, and keyboard-based text selection.
  • KeyEvent adds several new methods to make it easier to check the key modifier state correctly and consistently. See hasModifiers(int), hasNoModifiers(), metaStateHasModifiers(), metaStateHasNoModifiers().
  • Applications can implement custom keyboard shortcuts by subclassing Activity, Dialog, or View and implementing onKeyShortcut(). The framework calls this method whenever a key is combined with Ctrl key. When creating an Options Menu, you can register keyboard shortcuts by setting either the android:alphabeticShortcut or android:numericShortcut attribute for each <item> element (or with setShortcut()).
  • Android 3.0 includes a new "virtual keyboard" device with the id KeyCharacterMap.VIRTUAL_KEYBOARD. The virtual keyboard has a desktop-style US key map which is useful for synthesizing key events for testing input.


In details the KEYCODE_F12 event is defined only from API Level11 and forward:



So, back to my initial point.

It seems to me that the only way to have this KEYCODEs supported on the ET1 is to wait for our own Android 4.0 release....


any thought on this?