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    Soti Secure Lockdown Policy

      Soti has their own Secure Home Screen version and I'm trying to figure out how to enable a Rho application as the only user accessable application.  Part of this process is calling the pacakge name or URL.  If I call the html page (Launch://com.motorolasolutions.rhoelements/fd.html)I get an error "Activity not found".  If I call the activity (Launch://com.motorolasolutions.rhoelements) I see Rho launch in the background but it doesn't launch my demo app.  Any suggestions what I should be calling to launch my application?



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          Taiyyib Choudhry

          I know this question was posted a long time ago but hopefully this will help someone else in the same boat.


          You can call any application by referencing their URI or package name. In the above example you are trying to launch a webpage via the LAUNCH method, which will not work. "LAUNCH' is only used for launching application based on package ID. For launching webpage, use the HTTP or BROWSER methods. In order to launch your demo app, find our the package ID and use that instead of the Rhoelement's package ID. There are lots of ways to find out the package ID of any application in Android (search the web). Hope this help. Below are some of the supported methods used in SOTI's lockdown configurator taken from their help page.


          This is the path for the web address, or Package ID (Bundle Identifier) on the device. For instance, the Package ID (Bundle Identifier) for Google Maps iscom.android.apps.maps. The Package will automatically be prefixed with the Launch:// URI. If you are attempting to navigate to a web page, simply enter the URL, http://www.Company.com.

          The list of available URI's for lockdown are as follows:

          Movie:// - Allows videos to be played on the lockdown.

          Dial:// - This will open the dialer, with a specified number. (e.g. dial://5555555555)

          Launch:// - Launch applications based on package ID.

          File:// - Opens a file on the device (e.g. file:///%sdcard%content/document.pdf)

          http:// - Opens a webpage from within the lockdown.

          https:// - Opens a secured webpage from within the lockdown.

          ftp:// - Opens FTP from within the lockdown.

          browser:// - Opens a url in browser using the HTTP protocol

          browsers:// - Opens a url in browser using HTTPS protocol

          Intent:// - Opens an Android intent (e.g. to open Google Navigation - google.navigation:///?q="2%20Greenway%20Plaza%20Houston%20TX%2077046")

          action:// - Executes a MobiControl action (e.g. to change device password, action://CHANGE_DEVICE_PASSWORD. To configure WiFi, action://CONFIGURE_WIFI)

          script:// - Executes a script file that has been placed on the device (e.g. script://sdcard/script.cmd)



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