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    ET1 datawedge

      Just wondering why we ship Datawedge installed and running on the ET1?  If I'm developing and running a Rho application on the ET1 there should be no need for Datawedge, I'm not sure what capabilities there are to remotely to disable Datawedge from running.

        • ET1 datawedge

          DW is enabled out of the box, recommended solution to disable is to open datawedge, uncheck the default profile 0, open the advanced menu by hitting the Android Menu key, in the settings option disable datawedge all together.  Export the file to the SD card, pull the file off and build a package in your MDM solution dropping the file into the /enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/autoimport location.  Apply this to all devices which you want DW disabled, on the next reboot, DW will be disabled.