WT4090 freezer and battery life

Customer would like to use WT4090 with the freezer pouch, but has asked about battery life, and is there any impact on performance? Do we have any generic guidelines on battery life across various temperature ranges?



Juliet Chon
Of course battery life is

Of course battery life is greatly affected by the temperature, and below -28C the WT4090 battery really starts struggling.  That's why it's so important that customers use the WT inside the freezer pouch and keep it in use - don't let it suspend for longer than the guidelines in my PMB and in the User or Integrator Guide (can't remember exactly which one right now - but PMB releasing the freezer pouch has full info).  At -20C an agressive Engineering scan profile shows 1X battery life is ~6 hours, and it's less at -25C of course.  (Inside the pouch, in use, it won't go to less than ~ -25C.)  Remember, the 2X battery and freezer pouch for use with the 2X battery are coming soon.  I hope later this month or January at latest.  SEVT Webinar to train you was this past week.  I doubt any customer will complain about battery life in the freezer with the 2X battery!  Still need to keep it in the pouch, though!  (Or inside a coat is even better, if they're doing voice picking and don't need to interact with the WT.)
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