Access control application

Customer is investigating possibility of UHF RFID in access control application.
There is a row of gates close to each other - similar to what is seen  here

(the site is in Russian but this does not matter for the picture

Can we implement this with our XR? The requirement is for each gate not to read the other gates tags. Can it be done with power tuning only? What about 3rd-party antennas? Do we have any deployments like this?

Arsen Bandurian
I would suggest using some

I would suggest using some external sensor (motion sensor, laser beam, pressure sensor (weights)) connected through GPIO to trigger reading on proper antennas (i.e. this very gate) only. Then just pick a tag with the strongest signal (yup, there could be issues here).

Theoretically, you could also use some middleware to analyze signal strentghs on different antennas to figure out where in the row the tag is.

But honestly, I don't think that's a good case for UHF RFID at all, as with high density of people flowing through gates issues would be inevitable (you could easily read not just the other gate's tag, but also a tag of the next guy in queue at you gate).
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