WT4090 Booting Into IPL

1) Time/Date 05:26 / 07/09/02

2) Response time -  4 hour

3) Product - WT4090-WA0CC6GA2WR

4) OS Version - BSP 30

5) Clarify Case # 1917017

End user - Sysco
Partner - SAE

customer last year opened case regarding 2 a problem with wt4090's downgraded from BSP35 to BSP30. When 35 is loaded, device operational. When 30 loaded, device would not go out of IPL mode regardless of warm boot or cold boot. Since only 2 devices, customer was advised to send in for repair. As per customer, the repair process had to replace the CPU to recover device.
Customer has now another device that is doing the same thing.
Customer was stating that when the device was returned from repair, the device was returned with bsp35 on it.. when tried to downgrade,  issue  occurred.
I requested information as to reason device was sent in to repair to begin with.
As per repair history, seems the device was sent in 2 times for the IPL mode
and returned with NTF (at bsp35). Customer does not wish to just send device in for repair, they want the issue analyzed.  I am waiting for additional information about initial failure procedure from the customer.

I have received their device and have been able to duplicate issue.
I flashed the device to bsp35 (device was operational). Loaded
each hex image for bsp30 and tested to see if the device would boot up.
only after I loaded the monitor file (40X0c50XxxMO055200.hex) did the issue occur.
I loaded this file last.

There was an SPR 13637 that was opened previously regarding WT4090 stuck in IPL Mode after loading monitor file but issue also had an attached RS309 as a factor which this issue does not contain.

1. could this be the same issue
2. Do I open new SPR for this issue
3. Is there any test I can do that would help determine issue (eMscript, etc..)
4. Is the bsp 35  monitor backward compatible that if issue occurred, they could bypass loading the bsp30 monitor to keep operational ..
  (even thought they want to know root cause)
5. Can I show the device to someone for analysis?

George Dellaratta
1 - No idea 2 - SPR stands

1 - No idea
2 - SPR stands for SYSTEMIC PROBLEM REPORT.  Meaning that there is a systemic design flaw in the product to be addressed.  SPRs are not intended to be used to analyze individual failures.
3 - If the terminal is only booting into IPL, then no OS level debug tool will be executing
4 - Can't answer that question since the only information we have is that swapping the CPU resolves the problem
5 - You'd need to escalate that question to ECRT management to get resources assigned.

The first time we looked at this issue we found that the CONFIG file was wrong.  Did anyone try loading the correct one?
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