Activesync and McAfee AV

My customer is transitioning to McAfee AV and now the MC55 is not able to contact app server.
Worked fine with Norton AV.  They say the competitors product is not affected.

" We are currently using Microsoft active sync 4.5 on all our laptops
to synchronize our devices with the servers.

While using the MC55 with laptops that have McAfee antivirus installed,

The active sync connection does not allow pass through to the internet

nor to the servers.

While connected to the laptop via active sync, no web site can be accessed on the device, consequently no pass through to the server is possible.

Our current version on the MC55 is OS version - 05.02.20758, OEM version 01.27.0006 which I believe is the latest available to the public.

Other devices from another vendor do not experience this issue."

Any experiences with this scenario, please share.

Michael Holman
Some new feedback since my

Some new feedback since my post...

"It seems that there are 2 protocols on the MC55 and we need to use PPP.

This is set in the settings>connections>usb-pc setting.


 When "Advanced" functionality is enabled, the device uses RNDIS as it's communication protocol, when "Advanced" functionality is disabled, it uses PPP.


We have been able to get to the Internet now.


Would appreciate any further explanations and any other solutions."

Not sure what "other solutions" means yet.

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Robert Caporino
Hey Mike you can try this as

Hey Mike

you can try this as well. it is a reg key that is merged on the PC not the handheld. I had it work at customer site who was having similar issue.
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