2D Barcode Building on MC Screen?


Hi All,

We have a customer that would like to have their mobile application build a 2D barcode and then display it on the screen of one of our mobile devices (e.g. MC75, MC9500).  They'd then want to use some type of imager to read the code directly from the MC screen.  To that end, we're looking for any feedback on...

1.  Does anyone know if any of our EMDKs offer the capability to build a graphical image file that could contain this 2D barcode (and in a format that could be displayed on our devices)?  If not, is there any other sw out there that might do the trick?

2.  While I've scanned 2D codes from laptop screens before, I've never seen this done from an MC screen.  Any thoughts/issues on the feasibility?



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Once you get the barcode displayed properly on the terminal screen you will have to read it with an imager. The RS507 can read barcode off the terminal screen, that's how it pairs with the terminal. However, we use a special technique to do that BEFORE it is connected to the terminal (I don't want to expose here how it is done). Once it is paired and connected, it is more difficult to read off the screen due to reflection interference of the imager illumination. So your use case would require special RS507 to do that under a CPR.

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Mike,   Our imager engines prior to Blockbuster read 2D codes from the MC screen quite well - you can try this using the online Datamatrix generator at http://www.mobiledigit.de/dmcreator/index.html i.e. browse to this link on the MC and enter the text you want to encode - it will then show the Datamatrix code on the screen of the device. Module size should preferably be 5 or more to make the code larger and easier to read.   The Motorola EMDK's don't support barcode generation but there should be some third party libraries around which would allow this capability to be added to an application. Best Regards, Ian Hatton EMb EMEA