PAN static IP adress disables GPRS connection


Clarify 2032896 29-12-2009 12:00am MC55 OEM 35 BTE 26835   3 days Customer has issue where he goes into Start->Settings->Connections->Wifi and sets the Bluetooth Network Driver to Static IP  PAN connection with PC is ok and MC55 can be pinged. But the GPRS connection is not longer working afterwards, they can establish a GPRS connection but browsing a ISP url is resulting in a error. what can be the interference here ?

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Since you have static IP and because of the nature of PAN profile being a "connection sharing" method, having a valid IP address set causes Microsoft to assume that there is a connection (even if no other device is connected via PAN profile). As far as the proxy, are you positive that this happens without a proxy setting ever existing on the device?  Your earlier posting seemed to indicate that the issue was only with both Proxy and static IP, but now you are saying the Proxy setting is not part of the issue. Please try to clean boot and setup the test without ever connecting a proxy.

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Dave, i tested with a cleanbooted MC55 and VXutils and never connecting to ActiveSync ( my Moto PC has Proxy ) Was able to setup a static IP under BT PAN succesfully indeed. i am able to connect to  succesfully over a My ISP GPRS connection and simultanously ping the device over BT PAN. Even after connecting to AS - WMDC selected selected as ( The Internet )  so without Proxy settings applied to Mobile Device the above still continued to work. so you were right the Proxy server was interrupting the proper operation of the static IP and GPRS. thanks for clearing this up, as it involved multiple tests and warmboots ( :- )

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Forgot to mention   If you setup a BT Pan connection to PC, like outlined in the word document   and not assign a static IP adress but leave it on 'server assigned' , then a Proxy setting under My Work is not influencing the GPRS connection over My ISP.

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The proxy is the reason - a proxy is a method to say that your work connection connects to the internet (through the proxy).  This means that both PAN  and GPRS are paths to the internet and MS chooses PAN as a higher priority. This is working by MS design.

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Dave, initially i would agree with you, but even with out Proxy settings on the device and without a Connected BT PAN connection, the GPRS routing is not working after you set static BT Pan IP. to me it looks once setting a static IP on BT PAN is messing up the routing on the device. The only solution is to change back to server assigned ip on BT PAN to get GPRS working again. what kind of tools i can run to see what is going on ?

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More questions: Which BT stack are you using? After you configure the Static IP address, does Microsoft popup the bubble asking about whether this connection connects to work or internet (like it would when you first connect to a WiFi network)?  If so, do you select work there as well? When you can't browse to this new address, if you instead know the IP address of that different website, can you browse via IP (to find out the IP, try pinging from your PC to and it will tell you the IP address)?

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Dave, SS1 stack is in use and the Work connection is choosen from the popup. found a valid reproduction scenario , see attached word document. In case a proxy server is setup under My Work, and PAN connection is active with Static IP then a My ISP GPRS connection is failing. in my case the Proxy setting was everytime created when connected to Moto PC by AS or WMDC set to Automatic. have asked the partner if that is the case at the customer's side as well. but still wonder why a "My Work Proxy" setting should influence a Connection Manager request over "My ISP GPRS"

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What is the setting under Start->Settings->Connections->Wifi?  Work or Internet?  What is the URL they are trying to access?

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Wifi is set to Work  ( default )   Bleutooth Network Driver is set to static IP ,  after that a GPRS connection to  internet URL like is not working anymore full repro steps

SIM-PIN inquiry

Internet Explorer launched

Browsed to

GPRS-Connection established

Website successfully loaded

Disconnected GPRS using the Connection Manager

Configured Bluetooth PAN to static IP on the Bleutooth Network Driver,  BT connection to Laptop is OK, MC55 is pingable.

Internet Explorer connects to GPRS, the Website is loaded from the Browser Cache

Browsing to another Website,i.e. is not working anymore.