Old SDK migrating to new EMDK v2.3 on dual VS environment


Hi All, I'm not a developer but it seems like my customer should be running VMware to support their old app on the MC9062s, and their new development effort on the MC9596 - am I correct? (or perhaps 2 seperate boxes. Their question below, they have VS2003 and VS2005 on the same box and just uninstalled the old SDK (backed up old dlls first), and installed the EMDK v2.3: -----------------------
Hi, there;

            I installed this new MOTO EMDK and I have some issue.

1. The new dlls are not compatible with our existing program. (I have original dlls backup, so I fixed this problem)

2. I removed new dlls from my VS2003 project and add old dlls to my project. Every time I open my project, those dlls point to NEW dlls again which means I have to re-add old dlls every time I open my project.

    I opened my project file using note pad and I found:



You will see it points to right dll. But in VS2003 I see it points to “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\CompactFrameworkSDK\v1.0.5000\Windows CE\Symbol.WirelessLAN.dll” (this is new dll)

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Stephen, I am the EMDK lead engineer. I am not sure I completely understand customer's problem with old and new EMDK files.  Plkease get in touch with me at 631-738-4909 and let's discuss what exactly the issue is. Prashanth kadur