320 Antenna/Cable test???


I am thinking I might either have a bad connector/cable or bad antenna for my 320 AP.  The last test I did was a 1/4 mile NLOS and I believe it should have worked but it did not.   Is there a way I can easily test to confirm?

Submitted by Basman Dahleh on May 04, 2019 Permalink

You don't have a way to connectorize your CPE. If you can bring your AP and CPE into your lab with the antennas attached you can run the following test to verify your antennas. Carefully un-tighten the rf cable connectors between the AP and its antenna ( hold the cable while you untighten the connector). Connect a 20 dB attenuator on each of your AP antenna ports and reconnect your AP cables to the attenuators. Set your AP TX power to 0 dBm. With your CPE 10 feet away, your rx report should read -40dBm. This will verify our antennas.