Accu Sort (BOSS) and VRC3910

Here's a loaded question for all you old-timers. Does anyone have any experience with the Accu Sort Quad X scanner/Rapistan conveyor sortation system?

The scanner goes directly to the Accusort box and off to the Rapistan sortation and also goes directly into the VRC3910 with an output (through conversion) back to the Accusort box. I believe the output from the VRC3910 is a feedback to the Accusort system that prevents the item/case from being sorted if the Lane bar code scanned but the UCC128 bar code did not...preventing the item from being pushed down a lane but not backflushed from inventory (BOSS). The main communication from the VRC3910 is wireless to the AP and eventually BOSS. The customer does not have a clue how the system actually works because it was installed before his time and has been running ever since. They plan on upgrading the equipment to read 2D also. 

What I'm looking for is information on upgrading them to a VC5090 and a new conveyor scanner and need to know the process. That being said, do we have an OEM partner that we can recommend for the conveyor scanner? It needs to be able to read 1D/2D barcodes in random positions on the cases coming down the conveyor. All barcodes will be on the top of the cases. Conveyor speed is around 4ft/sec.

Thanks for in advance for your help.