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Hi Team, My customer want to use RTLS to real time monitor all of forklifts in their work site. I 'd like to see what solution is best selection for this customer. Requirement: real time monitoring forklifts,  some windows or software display the location of Forklifts. I prepare these solution: 1.Wifi tags +RFS7000+ap300+RFMS, RFMS is used to display the location of Forklifts, 2.MC3000+RFS7000+Ap300+RFMS, Any inputs is welcome!!! Thanks!! zhiguo

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Jonhua, A license would be required if the customer is planning on using the ALE API to export location information to a third-party or custom developped RTLS application. No license is required for overlay RTLS (i.e. Ekahau, AeroScout). Regards, Kevin

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Hi team, I went through How_To_-_Integrated_WLAN_RTLS.pdf and found that no additional license was mentioned there. So, it means no extra cost besides RFS7000 + AP300 + MCD? Of course, customers may have to develop their own visualization application. I also found the following item in SB. Is it only required by AeroScout or ...? RFS-7010-APPL-LIC, RFS7000 License Certificate for the Location Application License for 3rd Party Visualization Applications, $25,000.00. Thank you! Junhua

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Probably Ekahau Positioning Engine (EPE), that you need inorder to track people and assets with Ekahau solution. They already have a client ready for Motorola terminals that is freely downloadable form their webpage. www.ekahau.com\client . The customer will need to download the appropriate Windows CE version and install the .cab to the e.g. ring scanner and then the EPE can track them. So w ith Ekahau you can locate assets and people over any vendor and generation of Wi-Fi networks. No need to invest in any specific infrastructure components like additional readers or antennas. http://www.ekahau.com/?id=4200 See attached as well the documentation. hope this help.Roland

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The customer I was working with  is a seinor citizen assisted living community. We have not deployed, but we needed "room level" locationing. The solution we proposed was an IR solution from Ekahau. The way it wirks is the patients wear a badge with an alert button which is WI-FI enabled. Any Time they enter an area with an IR transmitter, their location is mapped to that transmitter but no action is taken. If they fall or need other assistance, they press the call button which sends their last known location along with an alert. Since IR cant transmit through walls, they can put an IR transmitter in each room and then they know where the alert call is from. Ekahau has detailed brochures on this solution

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Hi team, Thanks for your kind reply. After checking, I found Aeroscout had the local partner in China. How about this company cooperated with Motorola? Any successful case? Which one is better for us? Thanks zhiguo

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I spoke with corporate on RTLS about a month ago. The solution you select will be determined by the amount of Accuracy the customer needs. The higher the accuracy, the higher the cost. Implementing RTLS using the embedded technology on the Motorola AP's/switches would yield an accuracy of about 30 feet (in alldirections including up and down). This is pretty costly because in order to obtain this level of accuracy you need to build a model where the tag can be "heard" by at least 3 AP's with a signal strength of  -75db or greater at all locations in the plant. This would result in a higher density of AP's than a voice deployment. If he customer has choke points in their plant and only needs to know which section of the plant the lift trucks are in, a strategy around RFID, IR, or ultrasound transmitters could be selected.

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Hi Marcus, Thanks for you reply. Customer want to monitor the forklift in whole plant.I think 30feet is enought for them.Also I think this solution is cheapter than RFID solution. And my question is how to implement the project, do you have some document about hardware and software preparation? Do we need to find products from the 3th parnter?And do we have some successful case about this? Thanks!! zhiguo