WLAN radio powering on by itself

I'm having an issue with a costumer who uses MC5574 as phone, ActiveSync (Push Mail) and Internet browsing with heavy use of both phone calls and data. I'm seeing that from time to time WLAN radio powers on by itself wich leads to high battery consumption since the user is all the time out of the home office. No application is running that handles the WLAN radio.

MC5574 BSP 3.38 (WM 6.5.3)

Thanks in advance.


Herbert De Jong
1)      WIFI is turned on

1)      WIFI is turned on when  Phone is out of range  when Email sync is enabled.


Please, notice that the following procedure is applicable for MC55 MC95 MC75 and all WM 6.1 WM 6.5  OEM versions.





 SPR 16523 lacks a good explanation let me try to re-iteriate what is the default behavior on MC75 MC55 MC95 .


The workaround posted on this link will prevent the OS from powering on the WLAN by ignoring the Power on notification via WMHLPR component


The default behavior is the correct functionality when the device is configured to connect to an Exchange Server.

The OS will attempt to connect to the server through ALL interfaces. This includes WLAN.

So when GSM is out of Range it will attempt to use WLAN and power this on.


The workaround posted for this SPR will prevent the OS from recognizing the WLAN radio as a network interface. Because of this the OS will not attempt to communicate to the server through this path.

No other options are available. Microsoft has designed the OS to work this way.


This reg key will prevent the Wi-Fi radio power on.

Installation procedure:

1. Rename the file and copy to the \Application folder of the device.

2. Tap the .reg file and merge the registry key.

3. Check Functionality of this Regmerge   Use the wireless manager power off the Wi-Fi

4. You will not be able to power on using the wireless manager again.

5. Using the Fusion Tray Icon you will be able to power on the Wi-Fi radio.


The WlanOFF_Exchange_SPR16523.reg Regkey from MC75 can be used on MC55 MC95.





"HandleState1"=dword:00000000 ; Handle Poweron

"HandleState0"=dword:00000001 ; Handle poweroff

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