1) Time/Date 5/17/11 11:30 am

2) Response time

3) Product VC5090

4) OS Version BSP 35

5) Clarify Case # 2377121 All devices at customer's site having issue of when customer runs application through RDP on device. When select an item in their application, the screen blinks. At first was deemed as no big deal but employees has opened a grievance with their union stating it was hurting their eyes.. TA states will lose sales if can not be resolve. Customer is comparing to an old Intermec device they used to use which does not exhibit the issue. As per TA, the network backbone is all Motorola and the network is very good (54mb). I know RDP is a Microsoft product. Is there anything that we can do to improve performance? Customer tried playing with color, etc.. in RDP to no avail. Attached is video of issue