Fixed dialing list accepts max 50 numbers


1) Time/Date - May 20, 2011, CEST 5:49 PM 2) Response time - 3 day 3) Product - MC5574 4) OS Version - OEM 03.38.0004 5) Clarify Case # 2378257
Dear colleagues  Customer complains that in the fixed dialing list appear only first 50 numbers. All others don't and cannot be dialed. The list is pre-entered by the provider,. Is there an explanation or even solution for this? Many thanks

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Alex, thank you for the reply. This is a good tip, however it does not solve the problem. Either is it restricted to 50 numbers and it should be mentioned somewhere, or is it not and more than 50 numbers should be possible to enter.... 

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Also remember the size of Fixed Dialing list is depends on the capacity of the SIM card itself. Did your customer try to use this SIM card with any other device?

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Yes, on HTC P6300’s, Motorola ES400’s and MC75’s, they see all their 95 numbers. They also tried MC55's with OEM 02.35.0000 and 03.38.0004, always with the same result.