MC5590 ActiveSync disconnection followed by lockup


1) 13th-Jun-2011

2) 1day

3) MC5590

4) BSP35 WM6.5

5) 2371462 Hi all,  customer is experiencing ActiveSync disconnections which probably cause lockups on the units. This happens when customer's applications are running in foreground, retailMsg logs show some problems with Microsoft SQL application, but details are out of my ability to read the logs. I am attaching these 2 logs, interesting thing is that both devices are failing at the same time on 10:14. Could someone please look at them and find out probably more about it? Many thanks in advance Michal

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was this thank you because it is solved or to get more attention to your question ? both logs show following at 10:17 \Program Files\Extended Systems\OBCPush.EXE   trust = 2 means they are launched and then a coldboot is followed. earlier in the logs the same is seen after startup. \Program Files\Extended Systems\OBCPush.EXE launched and then followed by \Program Files\Extended Systems\CePimChangeMonitor.exe can you what are all these programs and what they suppose to do ? where the Resource.csv and processlist and snapshots recieved from these devices as well. also i see WM 6.1 OEM 35 is used is SPR18183  syspwr.dll and regkey installed on these units ?