MC65 Battery Swapping - Rebooting


I'd like to understand how the MC65 works when it comes to suspending and swapping batteries. I have a customer that had 1.21.000 and just upgraded to 2.30.1. Wheever we swap the battery (we press the power button and with 2.30.1 it gives you an option to Swap the battery), the unit reboots. Customer is familiar with MC9090's that will not reboot and use the supercap/internal battery to keep it  running and not reboot when new battery is replaced. Seems to be a lot of differences with the MC65.

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is this happening in a CRD5500-1000UR single slot ? A.
MC65 units go into O/S update when rebooted in a CRD5500-1000UR cradle. The issue surfaces when a customer uses cradles that are manufactured before August 29, 2009.  Cradles manufactured after August 29, 2009 do not cause this issue.

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Per Herbert's explanation on older single slot cradles causing looping OS update mode if MC65 is rebooted in cradle -- see SPR19970.  These older cradles can be RMA'ed for the EC change. Root Cause:  The single slot cradle (CRD5500-1000UR, Rev A) manufactured before 8/29/2009 has a 100k ohm resistor which has caused this issue to the MC65 unit.  All single slot cradles (CRD5500-1000UR, Rev B) manufactured after 8/29/2009 have a 0 ohm resistor and has eliminated this issue.

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The last post brings up a question I have.
On builds 01.21.103 and 01.21.105 when I would do a clean boot, or if the battery was left out for too long, if I re-initialized the terminal in a cradle with power, the terminal will continuously reboot into OS Update mode. It will loop as long as you have it in the cradle. If you remove it from the powered cradle, then it will initialize the OS and start up normally.

I have opened cases with this question, but the help desk terminals seem to act normally. Have you seen this? If so, is it expected behavior like when your terminal re-boot randomly sometimes on 02.30. I was thinking all my cradles were bad.

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Note you have to wait for the Red LED to go off before pulling the battery when doing the "Battery Swap" option.  This is usually around 5 seconds, but can be up to one minute if the GPS port was open prior to shutdown.  If you don't wait for the red LED to go off, then device will reboot instead of resume following battery swap.

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Marc,          This is the exact behaviour that I am experiencing with the MC65.  Unit continuously reboots into Update Loader mode.  Guess it is not isolated.  The behaviour did not change with BSP30.  Have you opened a case on this?  I have not at this time.

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Brian,          For the battery swap process I normally wait around five seconds after the unit shuts down, then perform the battery swap.  With 2.30 installed I have never encountered the reboot on battery swap.  However, I am experiencing the occasional reboot when the device is inserted in the cradle!!!!  Trying toget my hands on a second unit to determine if this is just an isolated condition.

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Hi Brian As far as I know, the backup battery on an MC65 only persists the real time clock. It does not back up volatile RAM. Therefor the device will reboot on a battery swop. On our MPA platforms like the MC9090,MC7X,etc. the backup battery persists the RTC as well as the RAM, therefore you get a level of session persistance as long as the backup battery is charged. Regards