Pressing key causes mutiple keystrokes


I have a partner, whose customer was delivered 3 3190's CE 6.0 devices.   Most of the time when he press any key the key repeats 2-3 times. This problem was occuring when using the Wavelink browser. All three device exibit this. Has anyone seen this before or have a solution? So far the help desk does not have a resolution.

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we have found root case for the issue (not sure the same as you have): sometimes button up being missed by keyboard controller. SPR21072 has fix for it, but it is compiled for 9100 CE.

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The partner first reported this was happening outside of Wavelink.  But while on the phone with the partner he was not able to get the key to repeat. So we proceded to look at Wavelink being the problem. The last I talked with the Partner the problem was resolved by the Wavelink setting.

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Hi Daniel/all Do you know which Wavelink setting this is? Today I have experienced the same issue with MC9190 using Wavelink version 7.3 MC9090 and Wavelink 7.2 works with no issues. Many thanks Justin

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I saw this issue with the MC9190 WinCE 6 in SPR 20956 and is something wrong with our character repeat feature ... if we disable it than the issue goes away. We used the following reg setting to disable it and our issue is gone, perhaps this may work for you as well. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Keybd] "RepeatRate" = dword:00000000 They closed this SPR 20956 but opened SPR  to find the root cause of what is broken with our character repeat functionality.21072.