Zebra MZ320 in MSP via BT

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Has anyone tried to connect  Zebra printer MZ320 to ES400 via Bluetooth in a way that the printer will be visible in MSP as a "kind of device" (separately or attached to ES400?).

Wi-Fi enabled Zebra printers are fine with MSP but via BT ?

Thanks Roland
Edward Rowlance
We investigated this at

We investigated this at length and it presents some technical challenges.  Communications over any serial connection (including Bluetooth) is a point to point connection using COM ports.  The application that uses the printer to print will own the sole COM port that communicates with the printer.  There is no secondary point of contact with the printer that will allow the MSP client to communicate with it. 

The only options are either to develop a virtual COM port layer that controls communications with the printer (which the customer's application would have to communicate with) or to actually modify the customer app to send management commands and collect responses.  To develop a layer like this that can perform management of any kind without disrupting the communications between the customer application and the printer is a significant piece of work. 

The situation is further complicated by the fact that there is no universal printer language for Zebra printers and on separate language for management commands. 

Because of this, we have no solution at this time.  I encourage you to contact Daphanie Wallace with specifics about your customer's requirements. 
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