MC65 OS update with MSP


Hello, Does anyone know where can I find the APF file to update the MC65 to the BSP30? Thanks !

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I dump the whole of the OS files into \Temp or \Storage Card and execute the startupldr.exe as the install command. I always encapsulate this command in quotes (") because the path sometimes contains spaces. Also I sometimes adjust the package size to -1 for times when OSupdate complains that theres not enough space on the device (when infact there is) so this overrides the checking. And like Larry said if you can gain direct access to the MSP server always import very large files via the packages to install folder.  The file should disappear from the folder within a few minutes when imported. If it stays there for ages then try restarting the MSP services to kick it off.

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The basic browser timeout can be a problem when trying to upload really large files by browser. MSP supplies a mechanism for avoiding this problem. Just put your APF file in C:\Program Files\Motorola MSP\PackagesToInstall. MSP should discover your package file and upload the package within a few minutes.

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The document refers to building a CAR file for \Application.   In most OS Updates for MSP implementations this is not desirable because of differing Relay Server settings, differing WLAN setups, or other differences stored in the \Application partitions of the managed device collection. It is usually safest to build an OS update that does not contain an image for the \Applicaiton partition, so that the differences in device setup are preserved. If the "incoming" OS version requires a new version of some software package(s) then have MSP provision the new versions just before or just after the OS update. You can do the application updates and the OS Update at once, but make the OS Update the last step.

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Hi, Thank you for your answers. I've tried to do the upgrade just using a "standard" package with the Package Builder setting the Install command to execute StartUpdLdr.exe. This produces an APF file of about 160MB (quite large). When I try to upload the package to MSP, IIS returns the error HTTP 404.13 which is "error uploading large file".  I've fixed this changing the setting of requestLimits.maxAllowedContentLength, but when I try the upload, MSP returns the message "An error occurred while creating the Package MC65_OS230.apf, it was not created." I've seen that every file contained in the APF file is stored in the DB, in the table "dbo.bFiles". My APF contains the file (among others) FLASH.BIN which is quite large (118MB). Do you know if there is some restriction in this table to contain such kind of very large files? Regards Ignacio