9190 and Citrix

I have a couple of issues with Citrix running on the MC9090/9190 I would be grateful for some information that could help.

First off the citrix session on the existing customer 9090 is very tempremental. The users are complaining of occasional freezing screens, lock ups and log outs. The WLAN seems fine and its not really happening in any one specific area of the outside yard. The server is on a remote site so I suspect its more of a wider networking issue. However are there any settings that should be made to optimise Citrix on a mobile device?

Secondly, we would like the customer to start thinking about the 9190. We did some tests but because the 9190 WM is full VGA the screen formatting is all wrong. The text appears way too small for users to see. What needs to be done so that the screens served up to the 9190 look the same as they did on the 9090 (QVGA)? I dont think it is possible to change the 9190 to work in QVGA mode.

Thank You.