.NET(C#) program for Motorola Symbol MK 590

My Development Environment : Operating System is XP SP3

1. I'm using Visual Stdio 2008

2. Data base file format is .DBF ( hosted on Nowell server )

I can run all Symbol C# given Example, also i can connect my device with my pc

My Issue :

Friends / Developers , When i open the given Example of Symbol site i.e CS_BarcodeSample1.VS2008 and in this C# project i added two other  form, form2.cs and pricechecker.cs

i add the reference DotNetDBF

now if i build the program it shows success but when i try to deploy it showing error

"Error    1    Deployment and/or registration failed with error: 0x8973190e. Error writing file '%csidl_program_files%\cs_barcodesample1\system.design.dll'. Error 0x80070070: There is not enough space on the disk.
      Device Connectivity Component  "

But if i Build this project and keep my Debug folder on Device Application folder and run then its run perfect.

i'm sending you my whole project in attach file including the data source file ( .DBF)

please help me out.

My End Goal : from the project (Program)

1. WelcomeScreen.cs : it should by default show, so that Client can scan Item bar code in this page.

2. PriceChecker.cs : once Customer Scan his Item on WelcomeScreen.cs page he can get result on this priceChecker.cs page.

3. all data should come form .DBF file which will be kept on Server ( Nowell Server ) First search Barcode(LABEL) if barcode is not there then Artical code (ARTCODE) from .DBF file

with regards
Rakesh Sahu