MC75A HF RFID - API Inquiry

I have a customer who asked the following.  Can anyone provide some type of sample that relates to SAM programming?  I have virtually no experience with this API and would appreciate any type of assistance or point of contact for API inquiries as relating to the MC75A HF RFID device.

I am developing the SAM device driver on the Motorola MC75A6hF using the Mifare AV2 SAM. I tried to load and initialize the WCE_StelHost.dll with success. But when I made two calls SH_ISO7816_OnOff to turn off and on the SAM array to retrieve the ATR, I always obtain 0xF9 (a parity bit error has been detected) for the status. Is there any other settings need to be called? Do you guys have any sample related to SAM programming?

I have attached a sample of the test code I am using and this can be found on Line 142 of SAMTest.cpp.