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Hi , Is there anybody have a simple application for pairing any bluetooth device bu scanning/entering only MAC address and without searching ? one of our partner has already developed one for MC65 by using our scanandpair tool in EMDK but it doesn't so good if device asks for pin code? thanks

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Hi, Thanks for all the answers. It was not for RS507 but yes the tools that you've mentioned in EMDK should work. I would appreciated if you may comment for following code which still can't pair with pin code. Thanks in advance.   {                 ScanAndPairTool scanAndPairTool = new ScanAndPairTool();                 scanAndPairTool.NotificationInfo.NotifyType = NOTIFYTYPES.BEEPER;                 scanAndPairTool.BluetoothInfo.LocalComPort = 4;                 scanAndPairTool.ScanInfo.ScanTimeout = 30000;                 ScanAndPairResults result = txtDevicePin.Text!= string.Empty ? scanAndPairTool.ScanAndPair() : scanAndPairTool.ScanAndPair( "0000");                   #region Exception Handle                switch (result)                 {                     case ScanAndPairResults.ERROR_BT_FINDDEVICEFAIL:                         SetInfo( "Error in discovering Bluetooth Device");                         break;                     case ScanAndPairResults.ERROR_BT_FINDSERVICEFAIL:                         SetInfo( "Error in performing Bluetooth service search");                         break;                     case ScanAndPairResults.ERROR_BT_INIT:                         SetInfo( "Failure in Bluetooth initialization");                         break;                      case ScanAndPairResults.ERROR_BT_INSUFFICIENTDATA:                         SetInfo( "Not enough information available to perform the bluetooth operation");                         break;                     case ScanAndPairResults.ERROR_BT_INVALIDDATA:                         SetInfo( "Invalid Bluetooth address or name provided");                         break;                     case ScanAndPairResults.ERROR_BT_NOTPAIRED:                         SetInfo( "Error in unpairing a bluetooth device that is not yet paired");                         break;                     case ScanAndPairResults.ERROR_BT_OBJECTNOTCREATED:                         SetInfo( "Error in internal bluetooth object creation");                         break;                     case ScanAndPairResults.ERROR_BT_PAIR:                         SetInfo( "Failure in bluetooth pairing");                         break;                     case ScanAndPairResults.ERROR_BT_RADIOMODE:                         SetInfo( "Error in updating bluetooth radio mode");                         break;                     case ScanAndPairResults.ERROR_BT_REGISTRY:                         SetInfo( "Failure on accessing bluetooth related registry information");                         break

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You are forcing sac&pair to use the localcomport to 4.  Are you sure this com port on the Motorola device is available for use?  If you don't set the localcomport, scan&pair will automatically select a comport that is available and use it for connection. When the pairing fails, what is the error Scan&Pair is returning?  What remote device are you trying to pair with? Printer? I am responsible for the EMDK products including Scan&Pair.  Please do contact me by email or phone for a faster resolution.  We can update thius thread with the resolution later.

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Attached is a document one of my customers created for this type of pairing. As far as I know only SPP mode can make the RS507 a master which is the condition required to pair with a barcode

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You can Call MS BT API BthSetPin to programmatically respond to the PIN query thus suppressing the PIN dialog PS: Above API works only for MS BT stack. Taheer

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ScanAndPair should work. Pass the pin to the following call:
public ScanAndPairResults ScanAndPair(
   string BluetoothAuthenticationPIN
) Refer to the documentation.  Is there a reason why you can't use this call?

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are you looking for something like Bt_Information applet that we have for MPA2.0? I tiwll display device BT address as barcode. We are using it for RS507 support.

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Its been a while since I last worked on bluetooth, but if you're using the MS stack, I believe there are MS registry entries for storing PIN codes that the MS Stack will supply automatically if the device requests a PIN.  With thos values set, the ScanandPair functionality in the EMDK may  work for you.