WiNG v5.3 partial withdrawal from Support Central


Hi everyone, Please note that WiNG 5.3 access point software (models AP 6521, AP 6511 and AP 7131) was removed from the Support Central web-site on February 11, 2012 due to some defects reported. For AP6511 and AP6521, WiNG 5.3 reduced RF coverage after upgrading from WiNG 5.2.0 to WiNG 5.3.0. AP621 also has the same issue ( the image is part of the RFS Images). If your customers have AP 621s deployed and are upgrading to 5.3, please notify them  of this performance issue. For the AP7131, LLDP negotiation was found to be not working properly in WiNG v5.3, causing improper power negotiation with 802.3at PoE devices. WiNG v5.3.1 with the fix for these issues is expected to be released in March 2012. If you have any questions regarding this withdrawal, please contact the EWLAN product managers for the respective products. regds, Asad