[WING5 CLI tip]: see running config overview only

Hello, all.

Say, you have a WiNG5 box with some config on it and want to see what policies, WLANs, devices, etc. are there, but don't want to go into details of each section? Use the RegExp power of show ... | include <regexp>

ap7131-5C4920#show run | include ^[a-z]

Here's what you will see:
version 2.1
firewall-policy default
mint-policy global-default
wlan-qos-policy default
radio-qos-policy default
aaa-policy lab-aaapol
captive-portal lab-hotspot
wlan team6-eap
wlan team6-hotspot
wlan team6-psk1
smart-rf-policy lab-smartrf
management-policy lab-mgmt
l2tpv3 policy default
profile ap71xx lab-7131
rf-domain lab-rfdomain
ap71xx 5C-0E-8B-5C-49-20

This command is ever more powerful on controllers, where the master config can contain hundreds of sections (policies/profiles/devices), making usual 'show run' command unusable.
Should work for WiNG4 as well.

Let me know if this kind of information seems proper for this forum and if you want more WiNG5 (and other technology) knowledge nuggets.