AirDefense Error License - Crypto ID mismatch


People, I need help. Somebody knows How can I resolve this error Crypto ID mismatch? I have an AirDefense model SV-4250 and when I try to put a license occour an error Crypto ID mismatch.

Submitted by USER07406 on May 04, 2019 Permalink

Hi Gandolfo I would recommend you to open a support case with support in your region. Provide them the following information: 1- ADE or ADSP version 2- Appliance keys (i.e. .enc file) 3- Background info on what are you trying to do, i.e. trying to install new licenses, or reinstalled ADE or ADSP in a machine, and now trying to use an old license file, etc.
Bear in mind that  fresh install negates the previous keys and invalidates a previous license. Whenever a fresh install is done you will need a new license to be generated using the latest .enc file. Support should be able to regenerate a license key for your appliance. I don't know which version of ADE or ADSP you are using, but if you have the authorization codes for your licenses, you can also license your ADSP server online. Beginning with ADSP 8.1.0, it is NOT the ADSP APPLIANCE which needs to contact the internet to activate a license, it is the BROWSER where the authorization code is entered which must have internet access.  The browser relays the license information between the ADSP appliance and the internet.  This allows the appliance to remain safely inside the customer intranet, only the PC running the browser need be exposed to the internet. Hope this helps.