ENC 9/5 SPR Known Issue List


Dear Field Support team, Please find attached the latest ENC known SPR issue list.  Again this is a bi-weekly communication is to proactively inform the field of the current issues that have been reported by customers, and their resolution status.  If your customer reports an issue, you might want to check this document first to see if the problem is being seen by other customers, and if a fix is in place. The first tab of the attached spreadsheet is a list of the open SPR, with a brief issue description, and the latest update.  It has the filter function enabled, so you can select the product of your interest & read more about it.   The second tab is a list of closed SPR from the past 6 months.  The SPR database link is http://spr.motorolasolutions.com/ Here is the link to the release notes that list all the SPRs (with brief issue description) fixed in the releases.  http://compass.mot-solutions.com/go/426415409 Thanks & Happy Selling!!! Jane