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We are using NSI-Creme to connect to Oracle Supply Chain and Mobile Warehouse Application. The issue is with Creme is the display of arabic characters. Interemec using prosyst JVM (j9) and supports arabic display. Prosyst will only work on Intermec devices and does not support Motorola devices. Can anyone suggest the solutions. Thanks & Regards, Abdul Hamid

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Ian's recommendation sounds like the way to go.  Please try and let us know.  If it does not work, we will get you in touch with the NSICom support team. We have tested EMDKs with IBM's J9 JVM also.  But IBM does not actively sell this product.  There are some partners who sell J9 but I am not certain about the level support you get from IBM.  If Creme does not work for you, you can approach IBM.

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Abdul Hamid,  I found this page ( http://www.nsicom.com/Default.aspx?tabid=231#q21) via Google which has the following Creme FAQ (related to Chinese support but same technique should work for an Arabic font) :
Q. My Java-based product is for the Far East market. How can I make CrEme display Chinese-type characters?

A. You need to do two things: tell CrEme which font file(s) to use through the –font flag or the font.properties file (see previous questions), and copy the file SIO-classes.zip from the desktop to the directory \windows\creme\lib of the device.

Best Regards, Ian Hatton

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We are using Creme with some of our customers. But this prospect wants to display some fields data in arabic. They want to use ISO8859_6 code page. When we use arabic codepage encoding and enter username and password the connection fails. With Windows codepage it connects fine but arabic characters are not displayed properly.