ET1N2 Reset/Airbeam Package


1) Time/Date 11/02/12

2) Response time 4hr

3) Product ET1N2

4) OS Version Rev C

5) Clarify Case # 2714104 Are there ET1N2 Reset/Airbeam packages on the way? If not, can we use the ET1N0 packages instead?

Submitted by cwj763 on May 04, 2019 Permalink

Shouldn't reset files be Rev independent? In either case, I'll take any and all that you have, or any information as regards to when they can be obtained. The airbeam file specifically is what the TA is looking for.

Submitted by USER06118 on May 04, 2019 Permalink

Are you looking for a Rev D version? I am verifying for the exact release date. You CAN'T use ET1N0 package on ET1N2 devices, since its a different HW!!!