Locate-a-tag demo for MC3090Z?


I need to give a customer demo in short order so all I have access to right now is an MC3090Z...

Does anyone have a copy of the locate-a-tag demo application that they can share with me?

I need the ability to demonstrate both rapid stocktake within an apparel context as well as item locationing. I know that once upon a time we had an application for this, but its been that long I can no longer find it in my records. Help!   :)

Thanks in advance,
Anonymous (not verified)
Jon,  You can try the


 You can try the attached TagLocator.exe but it may not work on the 3090 unless it has been updated to LLRP/RFID3 firmware. If it is an original non-upgraded unit then you could try the attached Gemini_RFID.exe which should work and also has a locator function.

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Ian Hatton
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