123scan2 ADF for help

Dear All,
A PDF417 barcode is sticked on a box , the barcode's content is many S/N numbers, such as " 12345,76542,13789652,765428909514,4563,123467.........". and the quantity of S/N number is uncertain, and the S/N's length is various, each of the S/N number are separated by a comma ",".

I will scan the PDF417 in Excel, and I want to the S/N number can display isolated ,that means, one number per  line .
And the 123Scan2 can not do it successfully, the ADF action  of " Move To All Patterns and Replace <,> with <<CR>>" do not work in  Excel, but it can work in Word .

Can you tell me how can I do it in Excel ? the scanner is DS4208 .

Thank you all !