WT41N0 with RS507 incorrect pairing barcode

Hi Team,

I have a customer that deploy 15 sets of WT41N0 and RS507 and running Wavelink TE. They have seen intermittent (but occurring frequently enough to be an issue) incorrect display of WT41N0 BT pairing barcode ... intermittently shows up incorrectly (0x000000 or 0x0A00000) when Wavelink pops up the MotoBTUI and if you launch the MotoBTUI independently (Start/Programs/MotoBTUI/PairingBarcode).

We tried reloading the OS and issue pops up. Opened case with helpdesk and are being told that the WT41N0 needs to be sent in for repair.

Has anyone of you seen this before, and if so, what did you do to correct this?

Customer is seeing this on quite a few units, so not sure if there are bunch of faulty manufactured units or this because of a different issue?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Pavel,  Not sure what is


 Not sure what is causing this issue with the MotoBTUI but you could try the older BT_Information utility to display the pairing barcode. The attached zip file contains the EXE and a shortcut file - unzip the files to \Application and use the LNK file to show the pairing barcode. Press ESC to exit out of this app.

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Ian Hatton
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