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    RhoMobile Android 4.1.2. Scroll Issue




      Sadly I have found an issue with RhoMobile and the issue is actually really weird.

      What I found about right now is that this happens when I have RhoMobile app and I use it on a device,

      which has android 4.1.2.


      Well to explain what this issue actually is, when I use a menu (explicitly with Ratchet), I get strange behavior.

      The overflowed menu works ok until you scroll down, but when you scroll to the bottom you scroll lower from the actual content and what you see is empty space,

      but there are no margins and paddings there. Although you scroll past where the content (menu) ends its seems that this height of empty space is dynamic to,

      how much overflow you actually had.

      For example If I put my device into landscape I have more of the white space as in landscape I see less and thats why there is more overflow.

      Why I thik this is an issue is because I ported the same exact code to PhoneGap and it actually works there like it should.

      The biggest issue is when I try to tap on the last menu it actually focuses the 2 above (again depends how much overflow there is),

      I can only select the last menu by tapping the bottom of empty space.


      I have the code and actual apk's, which are attached.