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    iOS8 CloudKit, App Extensions

    Jon Tara

      Apple announced iCloud Drive, CloudKit, and new iCloud Enterprise features during WWDC 2014 keynote. It's now possible to have your own (or third-party) iCloud cloud storage provider, and (if using iCloud provider) to share app cloud files on desktop (OSX/Windows).


      As well, they announced App Extensions, which seem Apple's answers to Android's Intents.


      What type of support does Motorola intend to provide?


      It would seem possible/useful for RhoConnect to become either or both an iCloud provider and to, alternately, use iCloud as a RhoConnect backend. The latter would allow Rhodes developers to write unobtrusively for cross-platform, while making use of iCloud or other provider on iOS for sync storage. CloudKit appears to provide enough control to make sync possible.


      Any plans to support this?


      As well, App Extensions seems ripe for integration with Rhode's Intent support.