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    Geolocation setup

    Peter Mannix



      Been reading through documentation on setting up Geolocation. So far I have been unable to make this work.

      I have added:


        - gps


      I get the following error when running:

      APP     |      const_missing: Geolocation

      APP     |      Application activate failed: #<NameError: uninitialized constant Rho::Geolocation>;Trace:


      Does anyone have info on why this is occurring and what can be done to fix it?

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          Jon Tara

          The documentation is all wrong.


          It's GeoLocation, not Geolocation! (Note capitalization.)


          (Maybe it's different in Javascript. I use it in Ruby.)


          Oh, maybe they changed in in 4.x? (While still keeping the old capitalization for compatibility?) 2.x documents it as GeoLocation.


          My code still works in 4.x.


          What version of Rhodes are you using? Make sure you use the correct documentation.

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              Peter Mannix


              Thanks for that, didnt notice the capital.

              That works in Ruby but still not in JS.

              Get undefined for GeoLocation (and Geolocation).

              I ran console.log(Rho) which returns a list of items similar to those listed here RhoMobile API Summary

              but doesnt include Geo[l\L]ocation


              As far as Rho version, its what comes with RMS 4.1.0


              While I could hack around this, does anyone know how to get gps in JS working?

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                  There is no GeoLocation api available for JavaScript.

                  You can do ajax call to your controller to get the current latitude and longitude.

                  And in geolocation callback you can use Rho::WebView.executeJavascript to update your DOM.

                  There is one more way available in rhodes i.e by using HTML tag. Kindly go through the docs available at http://docs.rhomobile.com/en/4.0.0/guide/geolocation

                  #Asynchronous Ajax calls




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                    Kutir Mobility


                    A limited version of the GeoLocation API is available in Javascript .

                    If you link the rho_javascript_api.js file as follows:

                    - in build.yml, include:


                      - gps


                      - rho-javascript

                      - json


                    - in your layout.html file, include the following files: (order is important, these files must be included exactly in the order shown)


                            <script src="js/rho_javascript_api.js"></script>

                            <script src="js/rho_common_api_noconflict.js"></script>

                            <script src="api/rhoapi-modules.js"></script>


                    This provides you with a Rho.GeoLocation (note capital L) object, with the following methods:








                    Those instructions are for 4.0, I have not tested 4.1 yet.

                    Visnupriya R

                    Kutir Mobility