Android SDK - Scan via BroadCastReceiver

I have a very simple application that can work with any scanner via standard Android feature "BroadcastReceiver".

Unfortunately, I could not find in documentation, what SendBroadCast ACTION happen when scan barcode on scanner MC67 and etc.

I need ACTION NAME, for example "com.symbol.SCAN_ACTION" and what GetEXTRA anme for scanned data , for example "com.symbol.SCAN_EXTRA".

I tried to setup DataWedge as Broadcast receiver, it doesn't give me any help.

Also I tried to disable DataWedge -  however it still popup DEMO application.

If this feature doesn't exist and scan event doesn't send brodcast, I need some documentation how to use SDK to create own application to create own broadcast send option.

Also will be helpful to have one SDK documentation with sample codes (Not datawedge implementation)


FYI: My application is not using to fillout and EditTexts, All operations happen on background via BroadCastReciver, nothing must not be started by default and etc...

For now, If even I disabled DataWedge and Demo app, it still run these apps and popup a screen of demo app, this is not acceptable.